Pendulum Chevron Amethyst Silver T01



Body: Chevron Amethyst Hexagonal Diamond

Point: Chevron Amethyst Hexgaonal Prism 

Beads: Round Amethyst 6mm

Chain: Silver 20cm  


Chevron Amethyst


Chevron Amethyst dissipates and repels negativity.  It helps to overcome habitual tendancies and addictions.  Very helpful for persistent anxiety and panic attacs.  It enhances intuition, iner and outer vision.  It is very healing for the body and aura, stimulating the immune system and cleansing.  It helps you to find and implement a positive answer to any problem.




Peace, Healing

Amethyst is a stone of healing and peace.  It brings contentment, reducing fear, anger and impatience.  It cleanses the aura and helps the recovery of stress.  It is very comforting to have during a difficult or sad period.  It also facilitates trust in yourself and your intuition, allowing a depper understanding of self.